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Jun 08, 2022

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They typically reach this conclusion after conducting a thorough search: construct. They looked at what was on the market already, decided they didn't like it, and hired us to create something special.

Asking them why they want to build what they are building is still part of our organizational culture. We're dedicated to achieving goals in the most intelligent way possible, so it's not unusual for us to suggest changes to teams' original builds.


Want to hear what immence discovery sounds like in advance? These are all the queries we ask ourselves or a client while deciding whether to build or buy. The end goal for both is for everyone to utilize and adore it. Here is how we begin to determine which is the greatest choice.

immence is a trusted app modernization partner to organizations, aiming for improved efficiency and growth. We’re a tech company driven by our mission to provide startups with the solutions they need to extend their tech capacity. Moreover, we positively leverage the pedigree of app design and development, thanks to our experience and expertise in the space.

As a service provider, it’s important to understand the thoughts and opinions of our clients. By listening to their feedback and looking at things from their perspective, we get a clear picture of our performance and the areas we could improve upon. Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve been highlighted as an industry game-changer by Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform.

Clutch is a market research resource that helps businesses of all sizes connect with the services that will help them tackle any operational challenges. Clutch cuts through disorganized market research by collecting feedback directly from clients of the many vendors registered on the platform.

Take a look at the most recent 5-star reviews on our Clutch profile:

“immence’s communication is excellent, and they always strive to solve our problems.” – Harry K, Director, RSM

“They never gave up and delivered an excellent solution for my business.” – Jack Rad, Managing Director, KHCP

“’They’re a trustworthy partner, and Amit has the right attitude, which is the most important thing.” – Johnson Abraham, Founder & CEO, Koboldo Inc

Thank you so much to our partners for taking the time and effort to leave their positive feedback. Don’t forget to check out the full case studies on our catalog of verified reviews for an in-depth look at our projects.

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